Where is Taormina?

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Do you know where is Taormina? One of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. If you don’t know yet, don’t worry! Here, you are in the right place.

Indeed, we will show you where is Taormina in Sicily. But, that’s not all. Also, we will suggest you where to go from there to other cities in Sicily. Also, you will find out what to see in this city! Finally, we will suggest which are the best tours and excursions in Sicily.

where is taormina

Where is Taormina?

To start, let’s see where is Taormina located. The city is part of the Metropolitan area of Messina. So, it is on the east coast of Sicily, near Calabria. In particular, Taormina is 55 km South from Messina.

The city has been a tourist destination since the 19th century. And, talking about other big Sicilian cities, it is less than 1-hour drive from Catania and Messina. Usually, its beaches are accessible via public transport. As an alternative, you can also rent a car or book a transfer. That would be a more comfortable solution.

Since the weather might vary a lot, we would suggest different activities you can do here. Mainly, Taormina weather is better is summer, if you want to enjoy the beach. On the other side, if you prefer a city tour, spring is the best period.

You can find out more about Taormina’s weather in our article.

where is taormina

What to see in Taormina

Since you know where is Taormina, let’s find out what to see when you’re here! First of all, we recommend the ancient theater of Taormina. Originally, it was built by Romans, even though it is a Greek theater. Not everyone knows that this is the second-largest theater of its kind in all of Sicily. Indeed, the first is the Greek Theatre of Siracusa. Even if it’s ancient, the theater is well-preserved. Also, it is still used for opera and musical performances.

You can find out all the information in our article regarding the Theater.

How to visit the city and the surroundings

As we said, Taormina is in the Eastern Sicilian coast. Since it’s near Messina, you can easily combine a 1-day tour of the East coast. So, you will be able to visit Messina, Taormina and Catania. Also, on the way, you will see awesome cities, such as Acireale, Giardini Naxos and Aci Castello. We are sure, all this area will steal your heart.

Near the city, you will be able to reach easily the Etna Park. Now, let’s see in details which cities you will be able to visit from Taormina.

where is taormina

Panoramic Tour

If you want to enjoy the best from Taormina, in only 3 hours, we suggest taking this tour. Indeed, thanks to our expert guides, you will see all the most important attractions of the city in less that one day. After discovering the city center, and the theater, you will reach Giardini Naxos.

Then, you will visit the port area for awesome photos. During the tour, you will also visit the Gulf of Giardini Naxos. Also, you will love the amazing Isola Bella and the Ionian Sea.

For more information, you can contact us or check the tour details in the dedicated page.

Classic Taormina and Castelmola Tour

Not everyone knows that Taormina has one of the most panoramic views. After visiting the city, you will visit Castelmola. This is a sleepy town not far from Taormina. Then, you will take a quick tour of the Madonna Della Rocca church. Finally, a visit to the Greek Theatre is a must.

You can find all the details on the Tour page.

How to book your Private Tour or Shore Excursion

You can book one of our Private Tours. Or, one of our Shore Excursions. First, choose your favorite, and then book from the dedicated section. Not only from Taormina. Find more info in the Contact section.

Also, you can contact us to create your own.

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