Where is Siracusa?

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If you are not sure of where is Siracusa, that’s the right place! First of all, Siracusa is in Sicily. Its name can be also Syracuse. But, the original name is Siracusa.

So, we will not just tell you where is Siracusa. Indeed, we will also give you tips to organize your next holidays. Such as, where to go from Siracusa. Or, which are the best tours.

where is siracusa

Where is Siracusa?

To start, let’s see where is Siracusa. The city is in the Southeastern part of the Sicily. In particular, it is less than 1-hour from Catania. And, less than 2 hours from Messina.

Finally, the city is well linked to the main cities in Sicily. In particular, you can reach them with public transport. Every day, there are buses and train to Catania, Palermo, and Messina. Or, you can book a private transfer. For sure, this is a more comfortable solution. Finally, you can either rent a car.

In addition, you can consider a coastal tour. Indeed, if you arrive from the Mainland, you might have your car. If you arrive to Messina, you can take the coastal way and go South. Here, you will discover some of the best beaches in Sicily. But, you will also enjoy the real Sicilian culture.

What to see in Siracusa

Since you know where is Siracusa, let’s see what you can see. First of all, Siracusa is famous for its ancient Greek heritage. Indeed, it is even listed in the UNESCO World Heritage for its Necropolis of Pantalica.

But, there is more! Apart from the Greek heritage, Siracusa is known for Ortigia. If you don’t know it, Ortigia is the old city of Siracusa. This “Island” is separated by a channel from the main city. Here you will see the real Sicily!

Finally, we suggest taking a walk in the center. Once here, you will be able to taste the Italian Ice Cream. Don’t worry, there are several Ice cream Shops in the streets!

where is siracusa

How to Enjoy Siracusa

Since Siracusa is a coastal city, we suggest mixing culture and relax. Indeed, the best way to enjoy Siracusa, is a Shore Excursion. Or, you can opt for a 1-day tour. Also, we suggest planning a day at the beach. Yes, because the holidays are not just walking and culture. Sometimes, we need a relaxing time! Definitely, you will charge your batteries!

Now, you know where is Siracusa. Let’s see the best way to enjoy it! First, we suggest a Shore Excursion. This is a one-day trip, with a private guide. In one day, you will discover the city and its surroundings. On the other hand, you can also book a private tour. Both solutions offer a local guide.

In details, let’s see which are the best options.

where is siracusa

The Wonders of Syracuse and Ortigia Tour – Shore Excursion

Our first suggestion in booking a Shore Excursion. In particular, one that will bring you to the discovery of Siracusa and Ortigia. If you would like, it can start from Catania. Then, our drivers will bring you to Neapolis. Afterwards, you will visit Ortigia. Following, you will discover the Piazza Duomo. Finally, you will visit the Greek temple.

Syracuse, Ortigia Marzamemi, and Noto – One day tour

If you want to spend an amazing day, this is your tour! Indeed, it is a wonderful Sicily Tour. In one day, you will discover Siracusa, Ortigia, Marzamemi, and Noto.

First of all, you will visit the Greek heritage of Siracusa. Following, you will see Ortigia. Then, you will discover the beautiful Marzamemi. And finally, you will reach Noto, the baroque styled town. Here, you will see one of Sicily’s most beautiful historic centers.

How to book your Private Tour or Shore Excursion

You can book one of our Private Tours. Or, one of our Shore Excursions. First, choose your favorite, and then book from the dedicated section. Not only from Siracusa. Find more info in the Contact section.

Also, you can contact us to create your own.

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