Where is Catania?

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Do you know where is Catania? If you don’t, we are here for you! Indeed, we will tell you not just where is Catania.

Also, we will discover Catania surroundings. Moreover, we will suggest you the best tours. Finally, we will give you some tips. Enjoy the visit the Southeastern territories. Sicily is an island that you will always remember.

Now, let’s start with the discovery of Catania, and its area.

where is catania

Where is Catania?

First, let’s see where is Catania. Geographically, it is on the east coast. It faces the Ionian Sea. Also, it is the second-largest in Sicily. Indeed, the first one is Palermo. Finally, this is the capital of the Metropolitan Area. Altogether, the population is around 300.000 inhabitants.

Catania is less than 1 hour from Siracusa, and Taormina. Also, it’s located less than 2 hours driving from Messina.

What to see in Catania

There are many things to see in Catania. Above all, we suggest the Main Cathedral. It’s located in the Piazza Del Duomo. Here, you will reach interesting sights. Then, you should visit the Ursino Castle. Located next to the port, it’s from the 13th century. Also, it was built by Emperor Frederick II.

Following, you should consider a tour to the near Mount Etna. Indeed, now that you know where is Catania, you should visit the Volcano. For sure, we suggest a day-tour to the Mountain. Finally, some relax in the city center is strongly recommended.

Not to forget the Roman Theatre. Built in the 2nd century AD, this theater has only partially been brought to light. Mainly, it is made of lava stone, brick, and marble. Whether you have a passion for culture or not, this place is a must. Also, you should book a guide. Indeed, thanks to them you will know all the history of it.

Finally, parts of this amphitheater are under Piazza Stesicoro. Or, under the nearby streets via Manzoni and via Penninello.

where is catania

How to reach the surroundings

As we said, thanks to its position, it’s easy to visit the surroundings. Indeed, you will easily reach the main cities. Moreover, there are many interesting places to visit in the Eastern coast. For sure, you can take a bus or public transport to reach other cities. But, if you prefer a more comfortable option, you should book a private transfer. For instance, there are several transfers to the main cities from the port.

Finally, we suggest booking a tour. Either if you don’t have much time or you want to be comfortable. So, if you don’t miss the main sights, we still suggest a tour. Indeed, thanks to our guides, you will not miss anything!

Catania, Aci Castello and Cyclops Islands Tour

Now that you know where is Catania, let’s see how to visit the surroundings. First, we suggest a one day tour. Here, you will discover Catania, Aci Castello and Cyclops Islands. In particular, you will start from Catania. Here, you will walk in the center and see the Fishmarket. Afterwards, you will see the mesmerizing Aci Castello. Then you will visit the fantastic Normans’ Castle. Following you will see Aci Trezza.

Finally, you will stop for an Ice Cream tasting. Indeed, Ice cream is famous in Sicily. Don’t miss the opportunity to try it! To end, you will enjoy the Cyclops Islands. Then, you will go back to Catania.

You can find more info regarding this excursion in the dedicated page.

where is catania

Mount Etna Tour and Wine Tasting

We all know Mount Etna. Indeed, the volcano it’s 30 minutes from Catania. So, why don’t enjoy a daily excursion? You will reach the top of the Etna! For sure, this will be a unique experience. Also, our expert guides will bring you to a wine tasting experience. This is a special thing, believe us! Yes, because wine is also important in the Sicilian culture.

Here, you will have many opportunities to take unforgettable pictures.

For more information, check the Tour page.

How to book your Private Tour or Shore Excursion

You can book one of our Private Tours. Or, one of our Shore Excursions. First, choose your favorite. Then, book from the dedicated section. Not only from Taormina. Find more info in the Contact section.

Also, you can contact us to create your own.

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