What to do in Messina Sicily

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After Palermo and Catania, Messina is one of the biggest Sicilian cities. If you are wondering what to do in Messina Sicily, you should read this article.

First of all, hundreds of tourists dock at the port of Messina. Daily, several cruises arrive there because it is the nearest city to continental Italy. So, one of the best things to do is a Shore Excursion. Generally, it is the easiest way to discover the touristic attractions.

But, Messina is also a city full of history. Above all, you should visit the city centre. Secondly, the near Giardini Naxos. Finally, Messina Sicily is also a religious destination, due to the Black Madonna.

So, let’s see what to do in Messina Sicily.

Messina Sicily

Thanks to its geographical position, Messina is known as the gateway to Sicily. Indeed, it is just a few km from the mainland. Only the Strait of Messina separates the Island from the rest of Italy.

What to do in Messina Sicily – TOP 6

At your arrival, first, you will see the Peloritani Mountains. For sure, the peaks worth the visit for their the vegetation. Moreover, local authorities reconstituted several original pines. Not to forget, you should take the Dorsale dei Peloritani path, that goes from Monte Dinnammare to the Rocca di Novara.

1. Messina Sicily: The city centre

First, take a walk in the city centre. Unfortunately, an earthquake in 1908 destroyed a big part of the city. But, there are still some monuments that worth the visit. Eventually, the Cathedral is one of Sicily’s finest, with its Bell Tower.

The Cathedral

Set in Piazza Duomo, the Cathedral is the most representative building of the city. Despite being destroyed several times, it has always been reconstructed. Basically, the structure has three aisles and 13 rows of columns. Then, the mosaic of the Blessing Christ stands in the middle.

Finally, the altar made of precious stones will leave you speechless.

what to do in messina sicily - excursions sicily

2. The Black Madonna

For sure, everyone knows the Black Madonna. As far as we know, the sculpture of the Virgin and Child reached Tindari in the 8th Century. Today, the Madonna is still well conserved. Furthermore, you can visit the Sanctuary and the museum. But, also take amazing pictures of the landscape.

what to do in messina - excursions sicily

3. The Peloritani Mountains

All around the city, the ring runs 9 kilometres. Especially in the evening, the landscapes are breathtaking. Indeed, after the sunset, the city lights illuminate the sea. Also, along with the paths, you will see several testimonies of the noble history of Messina.

what to do in messina sicily - excursions sicily

4. Giardini Naxos

What to do in Messina Sicily during the summer? Well, Giardini Naxos is an amazing seaside location. Mainly, it is a cool bay, between Taormina and Messina.

To start, you can take a walk along the long seafront road. Then, you can book a shore excursion or relax on the sand. Or, you can admire the views, swim and enjoy a typical lunch at a sea-view restaurant.

what to do in messina sicily - excursions sicily

5. Try a typical Granita

Have you ever tried the Sicilian Granita?

If not, you definitely should! Above all, the most famous in Messina is the one at black mulberry. But, you will find several Ice Cream Shops that sell numerous flavours.

what to do in messina sicily - excursions sicily

6. Messina by night

Are you still wondering what to do in Messina Sicily? Either you are a party animal, or you enjoy a nice dinner on the seaside, Messina has the best option for you.

First, you should have an apertivo in one of the several cafés in the centre. Then, you should taste some seafood dinner. Finally, you will find several pubs and clubs. During summer, they also organize theme nights or even beach parties. Also, you cannot miss the August 15th celebration of the Feast of the Annunciation.

what to do in messina sicily - excursions sicily

Where is Messina

When wondering what to do in Messina, you should consider its position. Indeed, since it’s in the northeast of the Sicilian coast, you should visit the nearest touristic attractions. Every day, you can also reach Calabria from the Messina port, thanks to the cruise lines.

what to do in messina - excursions sicily

Best Messina Sicily Excursions and Escorted Tours

When reaching Messina Sicily, you will have several options to visit the Island. First of all, you can book a private transfer to any Sicilian City.

Also, you can select among our Shore Excursions and Tours.

Among the Shore Excursions, we advise booking the Classic Taormina and Castelmola Tour. Or, you can visit the Etna. During the Excursion, you will descend the volcano and visit the surrounding villages. That is a unique opportunity to take some amazing pictures, too.

Whereas, if you are planning a longer staying in Sicily, take a look at our Tours. All of them include private transfers. In particular, we suggest booking the One day Tours.

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