Valley of the Temples Agrigento, all you need to know

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In this post, we will talk about all you need to know about the Valley of the temples Agrigento.

First, the Valley of the Temples Agrigento is an archaeological site in Sicily. Indeed, despite the name, the site is located next to Agrigento. Currently, it is one of the best examples of Greater Greece art.

Also, it is one of the main attractions of Sicily. Moreover, in 1997, UNESCO included the Valley among the World Heritage List.

Finally, you should also know that Domenico Antonio Lo Faso Pietrasanta was the head archaeologist of much of the excavation and restoration. In total, the Park is the largest archaeological site in the world. Indeed, it measures 1,300 hectares.

But where is the Valley of the Temples? How do you reach it? And, which are the opening times of the site?

Let’s see together all you need to know about the Valley of the Temples Agrigento.

What to see in the Valley of the Temples Agrigento

Due to its size, perhaps you will not be able to visit the full site in one day. Currently, the archaeological park is split into eastern and western zones.

In total, the Valley includes remains of seven temples. All of them are in Doric style.

valley of the temples Agrigento, all you need to know - Excursions Sicily

So, the temples are:

  • Temple of Concordia. Turned into a church in the 6th century AD, it is now one of the best preserved in the Valley.
  • Temple of Juno. Like the first one, it was built in the 5th Century. But, in 496 BC the Carthaginians burnt it.
  • Temple of Castor and Pollux. Currently, the symbol of the Valley.
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus, After the victory of the war with Carthage, the Greek built this temple to celebrate. Mainly, it has large-scale atlases.
  • Temple of Heracles. Today, it is the most ancient in the Valley. But, unfortunately, after an earthquake, only eight columns have left.
  • Temple of Vulcan. In the past, it was one of the most imposing in the valley. However, now it is one of the most eroded.
  • Temple of Asclepius, located far from the others. In the past, it was the destination of pilgrims seeking cures for illness.

Agrigento valley of the temples map

When visiting the park, we suggest to start from one entrance and finish to the other. So, if you arrive at the east entrance, you should walk straight until the west one, or vice versa. In total, the distance is around 2.5km. Also, it is a quite easy path, and it’s just a bit rocky close to the monuments.

valley of the temples Agrigento, all you need to know - Excursions Sicily

Guided tours start from both entrances. Also, you can visit the park with the children.

However, you can choose to walk around by yourself and enjoy the temples you prefer. Just keep in mind that you can only get close to but not climb the Concordia and Juno temples. This is due to security reasons.

Valley of the Temples Agrigento opening times

First of all, you should know that you can visit the Valley of the Temples all year round. However, in summer temperatures are 35-40°C, so you might consider visiting early in the morning or in the evening.

Also, during the summer, the temples are illuminated, so you can enjoy a spectacular night sight.
All year round, the park is open from 8:30 am till 7:00 pm.

Sometimes, there are extended opening hours. Generally, from July to September, it is open until 10:00 pm.

How much does it cost?

The entrance costs € 10 for adults, including the audioguide. Also, Children are free. Please, remember to bring ID.
However, there is a separate ticket of € 3 for the Garden of Kolymbethra.

Usually, you can buy tickets at the main entrances. Which are Porta Quinta Sant’Anna or near the Temple of Juno.

How to get to the Valley of Temples Agrigento

As we said, the Valley is near the city of Agrigento. So, let’s see all you need to know on how to get there.

So, if you fly to Sicily, we suggest arriving at Palermo Airport. From there, you can book a private transfer to Agrigento. Usually, the route takes around 2 hours by car.

As an alternative, if you are already in Sicily, you can take the public transport. Daily, there are the city buses from Piazzale Rosselli. Above all, we advise taking Bus 2 and get off at Temple of Giunone entrance.

But, if you want to be freer and take your time to visit, we suggest booking one of our transfers. Our drivers will pick you up from your hotel, or house, in Sicily and drive you to the Site. Then, they will wait for you, and bring you back to your favourite location.

Best tours to visit Valley of Temples Agrigento

The best way to visit the Valley of the Temples Agrigento is an Escorted Tour. Indeed, you will have the transport from your favourite location in Sicily, and an expert guide that will show you all the site.

Also, with our Agrigento Tour, you will also visit the near city of Agrigento and the Greek Quarter.

Contact us for more information and to check the availability.

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