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As you know, Sicily is an island in the South of Italy. For this reason, the best way to discover Sicily is a cruise excursion. In particular, there are several ports in Sicily, so you can even mix shore excursions and cultural tours. Indeed, the best way to visit Sicily is with locals. First, we suggest booking a Sicily cruise excursion. Then, you can choose the city you want to visit and book a private tour. A private guide will bring you to the best places. Thanks to us, you will discover the essence of Sicily!

Sicily is a big island. So, depending on the time you want to spend here, we can suggest different options. Indeed, if you have only one week or 10 days, it’s better to visit just one side of the island. In this article, we will focus on the Northern coast of Sicily. Read our blog for other suggestions. We also have an article on the best excursions in Southern Sicily.

From the best places to eat to the most important places to visit. Discover with us the best Sicily cruise excursions. Also, we will explain to you how to book. Finally, we will suggest the best tour for you. According to your needs.

Sicily cruise excursions

North of Sicily: what to see

Let’s start with a list of what to see in North of Sicily. Indeed, as we said, Sicily is a big island. So, the risk is that you want to see everything. But then you don’t enjoy all the places you visit. Because you are in a “rush” to discover everything. Indeed, if you have a short holiday, we suggest focusing on the North. Or, if you prefer, in the South of Sicily. Here, we will see the best Sicily cruise excursions from Northern ports.

Now, what are the best things to see in Northern Sicily?


Messina is an important city. First, its position is perfect because from here you can also reach the Mainland of Italy. Indeed, there are cruises every day to Calabria. Also, the city itself is really beautiful. There are a lot of things to see in Messina. Read our article What to see in Messina for a deeper focus.

For now, we can suggest a walk in the city center. Also, a visit to the Virgin and Child sculpture, the Black Madonna. But a holiday in Sicily is not complete if you don’t try a typical Granita! Or ice cream. You will find several Ice Cream Shops in the city center.

Sicily cruise excursions - Messina


Another awesome city in the North of Sicily is Palermo. Since it’s also the capital of the Region, you can imagine there are a lot of things to see here. Of course, we suggest a Sicily cruise excursion. From the port, there are a lot of options. But, also the city center and the surroundings are interesting. First, start from Mondello beach. One of the most beautiful in Northern Sicily. Find out all the best Palermo beaches in our article.

Then, a nice walk in the center is a must. You can find the best things to see in Palermo in our blog!

Palermo port

Best cruise excursions of Northern Sicily

So, as we said, the best way to discover Sicily is through cruise excursions. Indeed, you will spend one day sailing in the amazing Mediterranean Sea. A true Italian Dream! Also, you will have time to sunbathe, swim in crystal clear water, and discover new places! Now, let’s see which are our suggestions for Northern Sicily cruise excursions.

Sicily cruise excursions from Messina port

From Messina there are several options. If you would like to discover the near Taormina, we suggest a classic Taormina and Castelmola Tour. Starting from the port, you will reach Taormina. Here, you will stop and visit also the famous Isola Bella. Then, you will visit Castelmola. Then, our guide will show you the famous Greek Theatre. Finally, you will come back to the port, just in time for dinner!

Also, since Messina is not that far from Etna, you can take the opportunity to see the famous volcano! Our Mount Etna and Wine Tasting tour will bring you to the discovery of the nature in Sicily. Indeed, you will reach the top of Etna. Then, descending the mount, you will stop for a wine and food tasting. That’s simply perfect for a one-day excursion.

Discover Palermo surroundings

If you prefer to focus on Palermo surroundings, we suggest you visit Cefalù. For example, in our Cefalù, Tindari and Santo Stefano you will discover amazing places in just one day! Cefalù is one of the prettiest towns in Northern Sicily. Also, it was the set of some scenes from the film “Cinema Paradiso”.

How to book your North Sicily cruise excursions

Now that you know everything about the Sicily cruise excursions, let’s see how to book.

Indeed, it’s really easy. You can contact us, and tell us your needs. If you are staying only one day, or a few days, we can also organize a private tour.

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