Shore Excursions from Messina port

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When you are on holidays, you love to enjoy the best from the place with the less effort possible. Also, when you arrive with your cruise, you just have a few hours to visit. But don’t worry! At your arrival at the Messina port, our expert drivers will be there waiting for you. If you plan to spend some days in Sicily, you can enjoy one of our escorted tours of two, three or five days. Or, you have only a few hours, you can book with us the best Shore Excursions from Messina and other Sicilian ports.

In this article, we will help you understand where is Messina and what to see starting from Messina Port. Also, we will list the best Shore Excursions from Messina port and how to book.

Shore Excursions from Messina port - excursions sicily

Shore Excursions from Messina port

Every day, we offer several excursions from Messina port. First of all, you can book one of our shuttle services. One of our drivers will pick you up from the port and you will start your shore excursion from Messina Port. Afterwards, at the end of the tour, they will bring you back to the Messina Port.

Where is Messina

Messina is a city in the northeast of the Sicilian coast. Actually, right in front of Messina, there is another Italian region, Calabria. A small channel of sea separates the two regions. Every day, you can easily reach Calabria from the Messina port, thanks to the cruise lines.

Above all, the nearest Sicilian city is Milazzo, followed by Taormina and then Catania.

Shore Excursions from Messina port - excursions sicily

Best Shore Excursions from Messina Port

As we said, Messina is well connected to the rest of Italy thanks to the cruises. All those boats arrive every day from the main Italian ports. If you want to enjoy one day at the discovery of the best Sicilian places you choose one of our Messina Port Shore Excursions! Now, let’s see which are the best options.

Taormina and Castelmola Shore Excursions

First of all, Taormina is of the most unique cities of Sicily. Enjoy a one-day excursion at the discovery of Taormina and Castelmola with our expert guides. To start, they will show you the natural and historical beauty of this part of the island. Then, our expert drivers will bring you back to your favourite location on the island. If you are interested in the full program, take a look at our Classic Taormina Tour.

Etna, Alcantara Gorges and Taormina Shore Excursions

Get ready! This is one of the most exclusive Sicily Shore Excursion. In just one day, we will bring you to the discovery of Mount Etna, one of the biggest active volcanos in Italy. Also, you will visit the amazing Alcantara Gorges and the coastal city of Taormina. If you are interested in the full program take a look at our Alcantara Gorges and Taormina Tour.

How to book your Shore Excursions from Messina port

Book one of our Shore Excursions is easy and safe. First, choose your favourite excursion, and then book from the dedicated section. Also, you can contact us to create your own.

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