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Palermo Weather is typically Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot and dry summers. Usually, Sicily is an island that you can visit the whole year. Depending on the activities you’re planning for your holidays, you will find the ideal weather.

To start, the best Palermo weather, if you want to go to the beach, is from March/April to September/October. However, there have been some years in which tourists and locals were able to go to the beach until the end of November.

On the contrary, if you are up to visit the cities and explore the surrounding, we advise avoiding summer. Indeed, in summer the city is busier and the temperatures could reach up to 40°C. So, we suggest taking a tour of Palermo from spring to autumn.

Palermo weather - Excursions sicily


Average temperatures in Palermo may vary. Considering the low humidity, temperatures mainly feel nice. However, you can have some cold weeks in the winter. Still, the average chance of rain or snow throughout the year is very low.

Usually, Palermo Weather is more temperate, compared to other tourist destinations in Italy.
If you’re looking for the warmest period to visit, the hottest months are August, July, and June. Please, check the table below for the temperatures. Also, the summer lasts from June to September, with peaks of hot days from late August to early September. Indeed, in this period, highs are usually around 31.3°C, and rarely dropping below 25.1°C at night.

Palermo weather - Excursions sicily

Palermo weather – Temperatures by month

Below you will find the temperatures per month, divided in Highest, Lowest, and Average.


When is the best time to visit Palermo?

Usually, the best Palermo Weather is from May/June or September/October. These months afford hospitable temperatures, around 20°C, ideal for hiking, biking, or walking around. But, on the other hand, these are also the most popular times for tourists. Indeed, flight rates and hotels could be expensive, if you don’t book in advance.

Generally, if you plan to visit in July or August, you’ll find the majority of tourist at the beach. But, also, high temperatures, and shops that open later. Whereas in winter, you may find cheaper hotels, especially near the beach, since the season is low.

Tourism by Month

Below, you have some interesting facts regarding tourism and Palermo Weather

  • First, August is the busiest month
  • Then, we have May and June
  • Third, prices for hotels and flights can double in these months, if you don’t book in advance
  • Usually, tourists are unlikely to visit Palermo in November

Average Precipitation

Excluding summer, the lowest average rain months are January, February, and March. But, if we consider the whole year, summer is the driest season. Indeed, it happened Palermo didn’t see a drop of rain for 15 days in a row.
By contrast, it’s likely to rain in April, with an average of 1 day of significant precipitation per week.

Palermo weather - Excursions sicily

Palermo Weather by Season

Now, let’s see how is Palermo weather, according to the season.


Generally, summer registers high temperatures, and days are quite warm. Also, June, July, and August see the least precipitation average, with about 0 days. Excluding the beach areas, Summer is low season for tourism in the city, so you can find good deals for accommodation.

Palermo weather - Excursions sicily


Then, autumns are characterized by nice temperatures. Indeed, highs range can reach up to 29.4°C, and a minimum of 16.4°C. Also, temperatures fell nice, due to low humidity and wind. Mainly, it rains approximately 4/5 days per month. Finally, tourism is the lowest during these months. So, hotels or houses may be affordable.

Palermo weather - Excursions sicily


Usually, winters are cold, and it’s not always easy to find enjoyable weather. Mainly, the averages during this season are between 13.3°C and 17.9°C. On average, it rains 8/9 days per month.


Thanks to the right mix of humidity and temperatures, Spring is the best season to visit the city. Indeed, you may find an average of 20°C. Moreover, rain is extremely rare, with only 2 days of significant precipitation per month. Usually, Spring is the busiest season for tourism. So, you can find several activities and tours.

Palermo weather - Excursions sicily

Best Palermo Tours

Depending on Palermo weather, we will definitely suggest an Escorted tour, shore excursion, or Daily tour. Depending on the time you can spend in the city, you’ll be able to visit the main spots of the Island.

For instance, if you arrive by cruise and you have just a few hours, you can book one of our shore excursions. At your arrival, our expert drivers will drive you to your favourite spot on the island and then bring you back on time to leave. Indeed, if you have more time, take one of our tours. We have 1, 2, 3, or 5 days tours of the island. All of them are escorted by experts of Sicily and will make you fall in love with this amazing island.

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