Best beaches in Palermo

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When you come to Italy, one of the things you dream about it’s our sea. Especially, in Sicily, you would like to know which are the best beaches. Moreover, if you go to Palermo, you should know which are the best Palermo beaches. Indeed, there are a lot of wonderful places in Sicily. And in the Palermo area.

In this article, we will list which are the best Palermo beaches. Also, we will tell you why. And we will give you some special tips!

5 of the best Palermo Beaches

Now, let’s see which are the best Palermo beaches. Also, where they are located. First, you should know that Palermo is in the North of Sicily. Also, Palermo is one of the main cities of Sicily. Here you will find some of the best beaches. Now, let’s see which 5 best Palermo beaches.

1. Mondello – Palermo beaches

Starting with the best Palermo beaches we have to name Mondello. Sometimes, especially in summer, it can be a bit crowded. But, it is really worth a visit.

Indeed, Mondello is the beach of Palermo. It’s just 10 minutes walking from the center of the city. Also, you can enjoy the delightful cafés. Here, you can buy cheap and delicious food. Or, you can rent an umbrella and sunbed as well.

best palermo beaches

2. Capo Gallo – Palermo beaches

Following, in our list of the best Palermo beaches, there’s Capo Gallo. This is a natural reserve. We are sure, this crystal clear water will change your life. We suggest staying until the sunset.

Indeed, the colors are wonderful at this time of the day. Just one suggestion, be careful if you have children. In particular, it’s not just sand. Under the water, there might be some rocks.

best palermo beaches

3. Addaura

At just some minutes from Mondello there is Addaura. This area is a small side of the coastline, with expensive villas, beach club and restaurants. Here, you will see the “chic” area of the city. Also, its underwater rocks make the colors of the water even brighter. So, enjoy a nice cocktail in one of the bars. Then, chill in the water. Finally, swim in the warm Mediterranean sea.

best palermo beaches

4. Sferacavallo

In our Palermo beaches list, Sferacavallo could not be excluded. Indeed, this beach is famous for its restaurants with a fixed-price menu. Those will offer a variety of fresh fish all day long. What’ better than chill at the beach and have a nice lunch? And then, go back to the beach for a nice swim.

Also, you will enjoy the rock littorals. Or, the natural caves you can find under the water. This is a nice beach for swimmers. And, for divers.

best palermo beaches

5. Capaci

Capaci beach is 20 km from Palermo. Unfortunately, it’s famous because the judge Falcone and his wife were murdered here. Yes, they were attacked by the Mafia in 1992. But, the Capaci beach has a stunning seaside. And, except this unfortunate event, it’s really one of the best Palermo beaches. Moreover, it’s all sand. So, it’s perfect for children.


Best activities from Palermo beaches

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