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During most of the year, Messina Weather is mild and warm. Also, summers last longer than in Northern Italy. Indeed, Messina is on the East coast of Sicily, on the Strait of Messina.

Whereas, in inland areas, the climate becomes continental. Mainly, it happens at an altitude higher than the sea level. Here, winters become colder. While summers remain hot.

So, how is the Messina weather? And, which is the best period of the year to visit? In this article, we will list the average temperatures and daylight hours.

Messina weather during the year

From April to June, and September to October are the best months. Indeed, temperatures are mild and there are fewer crowds.

First of all, August is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 22°C. Secondly, the coldest month is January. But with its 9°C is still mild. Also, on sunny days, peaks can reach up to 15-20°C. Finally, the wettest month is December, with an average of 78.6mm of rain.

Normally, August is the most crowded and hottest month. For this reason, we would not recommend it for tours. Whereas, it’s perfect for the beach. Indeed, the average sea temperature is 27°C.

messina weather - excursion sicily

Messina weather – Spring/Summer

During Spring / Summer the standard temperature is 20°C. Also, the daylight usually lasts 13 hours. So, long days, and mainly sunny weather. During the warm season, the Mediterranean climate influences the coasts and the smaller islands. This means long summers and nice sunny days.

So, you can enjoy and book several outdoor activities. Indicatively, we would suggest a tour of the main cities.

Above all, a Panoramic Tour of Taormina, or Siracusa, Ortigia Marmamemi, and Noto.

messina weather - excursion sicily

Messina weather – Autumn/Winter

During Autumn / Winter, you can still enjoy the warm weather. Indeed, until the end of November, the average temperatures are around 15°C. Usually, the days are shorter but still longer than in Northern Italy. For instance, a winter day in December has around 9/10 hours of light. Which, is 1,5 more, compared to the North.

But, there’s one thing to notice. For its location, Messina could be rainy compared to other coastal areas. Indeed, precipitation amounts to 850 mm per year, with 100 mm/month from October to February. However, even in summer, it rains very rarely.

So, we think it’s the perfect period for the Mount Etna and Wine tasting tour or the Godfather Tour.

The first one lasts around 5 hours. To start, you will visit traditional Sicilian villages. Then, you will descend the Mount Etna. Finally, you will visit a typical vineyard and taste some Sicilian wine.

During the Godfather Tour, you will see all the most famous places of the movie. From Savoca to the Bar Vitelli, the Catacombs, and the Cappuccini Convent.

messina weather - excursion sicily

Messina Weather – Book your Transfer or Tour

Above all, we offer private transfers fromany Airport, Port or Train Station of the island. Mainly, those are designed to meet your needs and requirements.

Whether you are looking for tours or relaxing holidays, we will satisfy your desires. So we can really create your custom excursion on the Island.

Contact us, we’ll be more than happy of hearing from you!

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