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Particularly, Tindari is an ideal place to visit. Overall, there are several opportunities to find the best excursion to Tindari. For instance, in September, There is an important celebration for the famous Black Madonna.

Also, the town hosts one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Sicily. Finally, Tindari is mainly known for its beautiful golden beaches, with all the services and amenities.

So, let’s see which is the best excursion to Tindari, and some important information.

excursion to tindari

Before you go – What to see in Tindari

First of all, before booking your excursion to Tindari, you should have an idea of the best things to see.

1. The Black Madonna

Overall, the town is famous for its Black Madonna. Actually, the statue survived several wars and natural catastrophes. For instance, it survived the Muslims’ conquer. Then, in 1544 Algerian pirates destroyed the church, that Sicilians rebuilt between 1552 and 1598. Finally, an earthquake destroyed part of the sanctuary, that has been recently rebuilt again.

So, there are several legends regarding the Black Madonna, that the guides will tell you during your excursion to Tindari. For example, the one regarding the child of a woman that felt from the cliff. Accordingly, the lady in question turned in horror to see her child falling. However, in an act of mercy, the Madonna made a bank of sand rise from the sea and saved the child. Hence the curious geographical formation of which more later.

excursion to tindari

2. The Old Town

As a matter of fact, the ruins of the ancient city Tindari are well-preserved. To start, you can appreciate the urban structure, typical of the Roman cities in those times. Further, you will see the Roman houses, founded between two ancient main roads. Then, inside the defensive wall, you will see the Greek Theatre. In particular, the main Excursion to Tindari will bring you to see this amazing piece of history. Indeed, this huge theatre, and has hosted music, dance and theatre festivals over the centuries. Finally, standing next to a promontory, it offers an amazing view of the sea.

excursion to tindari

3. The beach in Tindari

Finally, at the end of your excursion to Tindari, you could enjoy some time at the beach. Indeed, the town has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Also, those are some of the most beautiful seaside resorts of Sicily. Finally, you will find this part less crowded than other resorts in Sicily.
For instance, just outside the centre, there is one of the most beautiful bays. As an alternative, you can visit Capo d’Orlando and Milazzo.

excursion to tindari

Best Excursion to Tindari

To return to the subject, let’s see which is the best excursion to Tindari. For sure, we would suggest our Messina, Tindari, and Arabic Castle Tour. Indeed, in one day, you will visit all the main spots of the area. To start, you will see the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna. Second, you will take in the Cathedral and the Astronomical clock. Afterwards, you will visit the centre of Tindari. Finally, you will also visit the Calatabiano’s castle.

As an alternative, you can also design your personalized tour. Moreover, you can book your private transfer from your favourite location on the island, and enjoy one of the excursion to Tindari. Then, our drivers will bring you back, at the end of the day.

excursion to tindari

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