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Since it’s in the northern coast, Cefalu weather is really variable.

Where is Cefalu?

Situated in the Tyrrhenian sea, Cefalu offers sandy beaches, warm waters and a lovely centre. For these reasons, it is a popular tourist destination. Moreover, in Summer days last longer, and tourists often appreciate the sunset from the beach. Indeed, you can have up to 10 hours of light.

Geographically, this lovely town is about 70 km from Palermo and 185 km from Messina.

In this article, we will see how is Cefalu weather and when is the best time to visit. But, first, let’s have a look at the temperatures.

cefalu weather - excursions sicily

Cefalu weather - Temperatures


Cefalu weather

Average temperatures in Cefalu may vary. Considering also humidity, temperatures are generally nice. Of course, excluding some cold weeks in the winter. Also, there is a low chance of precipitation most of the year. Indeed, only 524 mm of precipitation falls annually. Moreover, the area is somewhat temperate. Specifically, Cefalu is in the 51st percentile for pleasant weather, compared to tourist destinations worldwide.

Now, let’s see some interesting facts about Cefalu weather.
First, Cefalu’s climate is warm and temperate. Second, in winter it can be rainy. On the other side, Summers are dry. Third, the average annual temperature is 17.9°C.

So, from these data, we can see that Cefalu weather is similar to Syracuse and Messina weather. But, with slight differences.

Cefalu Weather in Spring / Summer

Usually, tourists prefer travelling when the weather is warm. Also, snow on the ground and rain is unlikely. So, if you’re looking for the warmest time to visit Cefalu, we suggest August, July, and then June.

Also, the warmest month is August. Indeed, peaks reach up to 38°C, with temperatures rarely dropping below 21.8°C at night.

cefalu weather - excursions sicily

Cefalu weather in Autumn / Winter

According to the visitors, the best months to visit Cefalu are September and October. Indeed, waters are still warm from the summer, and days are still sunny.

Then, November and December can have some days still pleasantly warm. But, the weather is usually cold and quite wet.

Also, at night there could be snow falling on the mountain peaks, meaning that also in Cefalu the temperatures drop. However, you can still consider to visit Cefalu in December and experience Christmas celebrations on the island.

cefalu weather - excursions sicily

Weather Forecasts for Cefalu

When planning your activities on the island, keep in mind that Cefalu weather forecasts are usually reliable for up to 3 days. Indeed, Cefalu is a town on the seaside. So, winds may change, and storms could arrive in just some hours.

Generally, the weather begins to improve in April, when spring arrives. Then, temperatures can reach up to 18°C during the warmest part of the day. Such temperatures are perfect for walking around the streets. Always for its proximity to the sea, evenings can get cold.

Finally, we suggest checking forecasts websites, to keep updated and don’t be unprepared.

cefalu weather - excursions sicily

Best Tours in Cefalu

Usually, you would like to visit everything when in a new Country. But, sometimes going by your own could lead you to miss some interesting places. Or, you can lose a lot of time to organize and prepare the tour.

For these reasons, from Spring to Autumn, you can take our tour of Cefalu, Tindari and Santo Stefano. Indeed, in just one day, you will visit three of the prettiest cities in northern Sicily. Also, besides being an amazing city, Cefaly was the set of the film “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”.

Finally, if you prefer having your own time to explore, you can also book our private transfer. Whether you arrive by flight, train, or boat, our expert drivers will bring you to your favourite location on the Island.

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