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Cefalu beaches are top destinations in Sicily for summer holidays. Mainly, tourists appreciate its clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches. Also, it’s easy to reach from Palermo and the main Sicilian cities.

Cefalu is a small historical town, part of the Parco delle Madonie. Located south of Cefalu, this a natural reserve. Above all, it includes 15 towns and villages. Among the most famous, we find Polizzi Generosa, the twin Petralia towns, Soprana and Sottana, and Gangi. Also, Cefalu is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Above all, Cefalu beaches are famous for its golden sand. Also, from the main part, you can easily reach the popular beach of Caldura. This one is known for its huge rocks and crystalline waters.

So, you can swim into a paradise sea, while enjoying a unique panorama. Now, let’s see which are the beaches in the surroundings. So, according to your needs, you can choose the best Cefalu beach for you.

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Best Cefalu beaches

The Coast of Cefalu has several beaches, different from each other. But, all of them definitely deserve a visit. Now, let’s see which are the best Cefalu beaches, and how to reach them.

1. Castel di Tusa

Named after the Castle, this small beach is 25km east of Cefalù. Mainly, tourists know it for the Fiumara d’Arte, an open-air sculpture park. Above all, you will be mesmerized by the crystal clear water and big rocks. Finally, this beach is perfect for adventurers and for who loves the natural and wild landscapes.

cefalu beach - excursions sicily

2. Pollina beach

Also known as Finale di Pollina, this beach is a quiet holiday resort for families and groups. Generally, it’s know because of its great campings, that offer nice accommodation.
Pollina beach is about 15 km from Cefalu. Usually, it hosts local visitors. Now it’s open, but originally it was the Valtur vacation village private beach.

cefalu beach - excursions sicily

3. Sant’Ambrogio beach

Originally crowded by tourists, today it’s the favourite beach of politicians and Sicilian VIPs. Located about 6 kilometres from Cefalu, this beach is wild and natural. Indeed, it does not have facilities, but it’s free.
It is a mix of pebbles with tracts of sand, anchored by the rocky promontory towards Cefalu. In total, the beach extends for 3 kilometres. Finally, it has blue, clear waters.

cefalu beach - excursions sicily

4. Caldura beach

Situated at walking distance from Cefalu city centre, this beach is composed by pebbles and sand. Also, from Cefalu, you can also rent a bike, and enjoy the landscape, since there’s a nice cycling route.
Finally, you can access by a very steep staircase.

cefalu beach - excursions sicily

5. Mazzaforno beach

Located west of Cefalù, the sandy Mazzaforno beach offers several services. Above all, umbrellas, restaurants, and bars. Also, there are several smaller beaches amongst the surrounding rocks.

cefalu beach - excursions sicily

Cefalu beaches services

Usually, at the main Cefalu beach, you can find private spaces and long shores. On top of all, the town beach is convenient and accessible. Also, you will enjoy the advantages of a small town, so all the comforts at walking distance, and safety for your kids.

Indeed, the beach has lidos that offer bars, restaurants, and also customized spaces for toddlers, including play areas. Also, on the waterfront, you can take long walks, fly kites, or let your children play in the water.

Finally, you can also sit at a beach bar, or kiosk, and enjoy a delicious ice cream.

cefalu beach - excursions sicily

Resort and accommodation

Cefalu beaches are perfect either for families, young groups, or couples.

Today, you will find a lot of hotels and bed and breakfast in the centre. Indeed, Cefalu is full of tourists accommodations. So, if you are looking for an easy and comfortable solution, we would definitely recommend one of the Cefalu resorts.

However, sometimes you’re not looking for a lot of tourists around you. So, if you prefer a quieter environment, we would suggest going a bit out of the centre. For instance, Villa Caterina is one of the best locations.

Above all, tourists recommend it for its short distance from the city, and the welcoming environment.

cefalu beach - excursions sicily

Sorroundings of Cefalu

Even during the best summer, there could be some rainy day in Cefalu beaches. But, don’t panic!

Indeed, you can still do several activities, except for going to the beach. For instance, you could take our Northern Sicily and Palermo tour. Escorted by one of our expert guides, you will discover also Messina, Tindari, Modica, and Palermo, the capital of Sicily.

Also, you can create your customized tour or excursion.

Finally, if you prefer to walk around by yourself, contact us for a private transfer to your favourite location on the island.

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