Best Syracuse Sicily beaches

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Which are the best Syracuse Sicily Beaches? It’s hard to list, and opinions are often contrasting. From North to South, Sicily has some of the most wonderful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

One thing is sure. With its fine beaches, Mount Etna, and surroundings, the Ionian coast has some of the best Sicilian beaches. Starting from Avola, with the famous Beach of Gallina, to the Southern Beach of Marzamemi, if you choose this part of Sicily as your holidays’ destination, you’ll not be disappointed.

But now, let’s see which are the 5 best Syracuse Sicily Beaches. So, you can start dreaming about your next holidays!

The 5 best Syracuse Sicily beaches

First of all, Syracuse is on the South-East coast of Sicily. Precisely, it is located on the Ionian coast. Basically, the part of the Mediterranean that goes from the South of Sicily, until southern Albania, and the West Coast of Greece.

According to the tourists, the 5 best Siracuse Sicily Beaches are on the Ionian Coast. We listed the top-5, but this is not a ranking.

Best syracuse sicily beaches - excusions sicily

First, we find the Beach of Avola, quiet and reserved. Secondly, Fontane Bianche, at only 15 km from the centre of Syracuse. Third, the Beach of Brucoli, wilder and more natural. Then, the Maddalena Peninsula, of great archaeological interest, thanks to the Plemmirio. Finally, the Beach of Marzamemi, with its old-world charm, maintained from the locals.

1. Beach of Avola

So, let’s start from the beach of Avola. Mainly, you have to know that the city is Avola. And, the name of the beach is Gallina. Set within the Nature Reserve, this golden sand beach is surrounded by white rock formations. Particularly, a breathtaking blue sea and shallow waters will surprise you. This makes it an ideal destination for families with children. Indeed, this wonderful sandy beach is safe and perfect for them to play.

Also, at Marina di Avola, you can enjoy the long strip, that alternates establishments and free-beach. Usually, young locals prefer Marina di Avola because of the summer nightlife.

Best syracuse sicily beaches - excusions sicily

2. Fontane Bianche

At just 15 km from Syracuse, the Fontane Bianche beach takes the name for its freshwater springs. Above all, thanks to its white beach and blue sea, it is a natural Paradise. But, despite being wild, there are services and good entertainment. Indeed, here you can find bars and restaurants, and a couple of food shops for picnic supplies.

3. Beach of Brucoli

If you come from the North, the Beach of Brucoli is the first that you’ll find. Usually, it’s calm and protected from winds, thanks to its position. Indeed, it is set within a natural recess. In contrast with the previous two, here you will find a cliff landscape. Also, from the beach, you will see the Etna.

Also, thanks to the diverse nightlife of Catania, young tourists often choose the Beach of Brucoli for their holidays.

Best syracuse sicily beaches - excusions sicily

4. The Maddalena Peninsula

Then, going South, you will reach the Maddalena Peninsula. Originally, the name comes from the church dedicated to Mary Magdalene. Also, Virgilio mentioned this area in his Aeneid, as a promontory that plunges into the deep blue of the Ionian Sea.

Today, the area includes the Plemmirio. And, in 2005, the UNESCO protected it as a Natural Reserve.

Above all, the Maddalena Peninsula has a craggy coastline, with rocks and clear waters. Mainly, this makes it a must for snorkelers and scuba divers.

best syracuse sicily beaches - excursions sicily

5. Beach of Marzamemi

Finally, you will reach Marzamemi. Also here, like the rest of the south-eastern coast, you will find several evening entertainment and nightlife.

Above all, the town has a main beach of white sand, with the water that takes on colours from blue to green. Here, you will find several beach resorts. But, the Municipality saved some areas for free use.

Best syracuse sicily beaches - excusions sicily

Where are the 5 best beaches of Syracuse located?

Best syracuse sicily beaches - excursions sicily

In the picture above, you will see exactly where are the 5 Best Syracuse Sicily beaches. Starting from the north:

  • Beach of Brucoli
  • The Maddalena Peninsula (just in front of Syracuse)
  • Fontane Bianche
  • Beach of Avola
  • Beach of Marzamemi

How to reach the Best Syracuse Sicily beaches?

Whether take a flight or arrive by boat, there are several ways to reach the Best Syracuse Sicily beaches.

First of all, you can land to the Airport of Catania. Daily, there are flights from the main European Cities. Then, you can book our private transfer, from the airport to your favourite location in Syracuse.

Or, you can take a boat. When arriving at the port of Catania, our drivers will be waiting for you and then drive you to your favourite destination.

Also, from Catania and Syracuse, you can book one of our Shore Excursions or Escorted Tours of Sicily.

Please, contact us for any question or special request you may have.

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