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As Sicily is an island in Italy, you can imagine how much the food is eradicated in the culture. So, before seeing which are the Best Syracuse restaurants Sicily, we would love to list some of the best Sicilian food!

To start, a classic: the Arancini, or Arancine. Basically, you cannot leave Sicily without having tried one of these rice balls. Then, you must also taste the Sfincione, that seems an American pizza pie. Also, the “Pasta alla Norma” is a must, typical of Catania. Usually, it’s made with aubergine, tomato sauce and salted ricotta. Next, in one of the best Syracuse restaurants Sicily, you should ask “Pasta con le Sarde“. A classic in Palermo, it’s pasta with sardines. Above all, sardines are the typical local fish. Then, they add white fennel, pine kernels and sultanas. All served with spaghetti or bucatini.

Finally, you must try the Sicilian Granita. Different from the rest of Italy, you can find numerous, such as almond, coffee and watermelon. But, remember, it’s not slush,  you have to eat it with a spoon, or inside a typical brioche!

Now that you know what to order, let’s see which are the best Syracuse restaurants Sicily.

Seafood restaurants Syracuse

Since Sicily is an island, seafood is deeply part of its cuisine. From Shellfish to sea fish, the region as a variety of tasty recipes. And, of course, seafood restaurants are everywhere.

Mainly located in the coastal areas, you can also eat in some seafood restaurant in the hinterland.

According to TripAdvisor, the Best Syracuse restaurants Sicily for seafood are:

  • Oz & Cappuccio Pesce Fresco. With an evaluation of 5/5, this is the first restaurant in the list. Located in Via Emanuele Giaracà, it is described as “small and beautiful.
  • Secondly, the Apollonion Osteria da Carlo. Above all, the restaurant has an average of 4.5/5. Also, it’s in the main Syracuse street: Via Carmelo Campisi. Usually, customers describe it as a high-quality restaurant. But, they also suggest booking in advance, since it’s hard to just walk in.
  • In the third position, the Eight ‘o’ Clock. Classified as Excellent, with 4.5/5, it is located a bit more in the hinterland.
  • Finally, the L’Isoletta is also among the most recommended. Particularly, customers appreciated the location, next to the sea market. And, the good quality of the fish. You can find the restaurant at Via Emanuele de Benedictis.

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Sea-view restaurants

Also, Syracuse is well known for its coastal restaurants. Indeed, there are a lot of romantic restaurants, with sea view.

Now, let’s see which are the most recommended from customers.

  • First, we have the Sicily Fish & Chips. With a score of 4.5/5 is one of the recommended. Mainly, customers appreciated the friendly service and the Sicilian version of the famous Fish and Chips. You will find it in Ortigia, Via Roma 123.
  • Secondly, the Ortigia Fish Bar is one of the most loved. As per its name, it’s a place where you can have some fresh snacks, with good local food and superb fresh fish. Customers also said: “Very reasonably priced worth going for lunch or early dinner.”

Typical restaurants Syracuse

When looking for the best Syracuse restaurants Sicily with typical food, you need to be careful. First, don’t be afraid of asking for the menu. Also, ask the waiter all the questions you have. Remember, knowing the prices and the recipes is your right. Moreover, the restaurants are happy to answer the customers’ requests.

Now that you know some tricks, let’s see which are the best typical Restaurants in Syracuse.

12. Best syracuse restaurants sicily - excursions sicily

Central typical restaurants

  • First, we have the Restaurant Hibiscus. According to the reviews, “Excellent food, reasonable prices. Over and above any service we’ve ever received anywhere. Highly recommended.” The Hibiscus is in the Hotel Caiammari, Fanusa.
  • Then, the Osteria da Mariano seems to be one of the best Typical restaurants in Syracuse. Generally, customers said “On a narrow side street, it was the best service and food we had in Syracuse. The food really was very good, and the atmosphere was fun and spontaneous.” You will find this restaurant at Vicolo Zuccolà.

Pizzerie Syracuse

Speaking about Italian food, can we forget about pizza? Of course not!

So, pizza is one of the most famous Italian food in the world. Also, in Syracuse, you will find several pizzerie (yes the correct plural is Pizzerie, as the the singular is Pizzeria), that will prepare you the typical Italian Pizza!

Now, let’s see among the Best Syracuse restaurants Sicily, which Pizzerie the customers recommended.

  • First, in the list, we have Ristorante Pizzeria La Sciccheria. As the name says, this is also a Restaurants. This is absolutely normal in Italy. You can find restaurants that also prepare pizza. When in Syracuse, you will find it at Via Saverio Landolina.
  • Secondly, we have  Schiticchio Pizzeria. According to customers, pizza is very good, “great value and great service! A must visit in Syracuse!”. If you want a pizza here, you will have to go at Via Cavour.
  • Finally, the Sicily Pizzeria & Lounge Bar seems to be really good! According to the reviews, the pizza is really good and the place also offers a wide variety of cocktails. This seems the perfect mix for a great summer night! If you want to visit the Sicily Pizzeria & Lounge Bar, you will find it neat the previous one, also in Via Cavour.

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Ice cream shops

When in Sicily, you will see a lot of Ice Cream shops. Almost all of them, apart from the typical Ice Cream, also sell the Granita. Also, you can find Ice cream and Granita in the Best Syracuse restaurants Sicily.

But, what is the Granita Siciliana? Usually, granita is iced water flavoured with sugar and fruit juice. But, in Sicily, the recipe is a bit different. Indeed, in Sicily, the original granita is made with lemon, almond, and black mulberry. Also, you cannot eat it without the Cream on top!

Moreover, don’t think you will be able to eat it with a straw. In fact, the Sicilian Granita is more like an ice cream, so you will need a spoon. Finally, try it inside the typical Brioche. We promise you’ll not be disappointed!

And now, which are the best Ice Cream shops that sell granita in Syracuse?

  • To start, Belfiore Gelato & Cioccolato – Gelateria Artigianale is an artisanal Ice cream shop. But, get ready! Not only ice creams, but they sell granita and a selection of Sicilian desserts! To taste all of this amazing food, you’ll have to go at Via Luigi Greco Cassia.
  • Then, Voglia Matta is known to be a must in Syracuse. According to the customers, “Fantastic deserts and ice cream unreal. Probably the best ice cream we ever had. The display of cakes was amazing I wish I could go here every week.” The shop is at Corso Umberto. So, you can also enjoy a nice walk in the main street of Syracuse.

12. Best syracuse restaurants sicily - excursions sicily

Food Tours Sicily

So, after listing the Best Syracuse restaurants Sicily, let us suggest one last thing. Indeed, if you want to taste the real Sicily, you should take a Food tour!

Among the offer, we have the best gastronomic tour, at the discovery of the places that inspired the “La Dolce Vita” movie. First, you’ll start in Catania. Here, you will visit the fish market. Then, you’ll move to Syracuse and the old city of Ortigia. Next, it will be the turn of Avola. The city is home of the famous wine ‘Nero d’Avola‘. Also, you will visit the Wine House and taste this flavoured wine. The tour lasts Two Days.

Or, if you have only one day to visit, you can book our Mount Etna and Wine Tasting. As per its name, you will see the Mount Etna, and then visit one of the biggest Wine houses in Sicily.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any question or special request you might have. Also, we can offer you a customized Tour, according to your needs!

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