Best Sicily tours from Messina

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Messina is one of the most typical Sicilian cities. Situated between Sicily and Calabria, it is a beautiful port. Originally, the city was founded by the Greeks. At that time, they called it Zancle. This word means “scythe”, for the shape of its natural harbor. Today, there are several Sicily tours from Messina.

Also, visiting the city is an unforgettable experience. You will understand it as soon as you arrive. Indeed, from the seaside, you can see the Straight of Messina. And the near region Calabria, separated by Sicily by few kilometers of water.

Among all the things to do in Messina, we recommend a nice walk in the city center. Then, the famous black Madonna. Or, the Peloritani Mountains, that surround the city. Finally, enjoy a romantic dinner by the sea in one of the several restaurants. Also, we suggest trying a typical Sicilian Granita. You will not regret it!

But, there are also several Sicily tours from Messina port. Let’s see which are the best ones.

Best Sicily tours from Messina

Best Sicily tours from Messina

Thanks to its position, you can easily combine a cruise in the South of Italy. You will arrive for sure in Messina with your cruise. Or, you can easily plan a shore excursion. In one day, you will see the main spots in Messina and surroundings. Among the best places to visit in Sicily, we suggest for sure Mount Etna, Taormina, Catania, and Giardini Naxos.

If you arrive in Messina, it’s easy to reach all those spots. Also, you can easily book a private transfer, if you prefer to organize a tour on your own. Indeed, we have private transfers from the main Airports, Ports, and Train Stations.

Generally speaking, we highly suggest organizing one of the Sicily tours from Messina. In fact, with a private tour, you will not have to take care of organizing everything. We will think about all the details. You will just have to set up a time and place, and our drivers will pick you up. And drive you to the selected destination in Sicily.

So, depending on the available days that you have, you can choose between a Shore Excursion or One-day tour, or two and three days Sicily tours from Messina. Finally, we also have a full Sicily tour of five days.

Messina, Tindari and Arabic Castle

One of the best Sicily tours from Messina is the city tour. As we said before, Messina has a long and awesome history. As the rest of Sicily, after the Greeks, the city was also under Roman’s government. So, you can imagine how many ruins you will see in the city. First, you will meet our driver and guide. Then, you will start your tour with a visit to the Sanctuary of the Montalto Madonna.

Then, there will be the Cathedral and of course the Astronomical clock. Afterwards, a visit to Tindari is a must. On arrival, you will have a typical Sicilian lunch. Finally, your last stop will be at Calatabiano’s castle. Placed on top of the hill, the Castle is an extraordinary cultural heritage. Indeed, it is the result of modifications made by the different owners, during the years. This is the reason why it isn’t possible to establish one exclusive date of construction.

Catania and the Cyclops Riviera Tour

Among the best Sicily tours from Messina, we suggest for sure a visit to Catania and the Cyclops Riviera. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. This is an unforgettable tour of Sicily. In one day, you will visit the historic Catania and the Cyclops Riviera Tour, our expert drivers will pick you up from your favorite location.

Then, our drivers will show you the archaeological and landscapes of Catania and surroundings. This Baroque gem is a vibrant place with a beautiful UNESCO listed historic center. Furthermore, you will visit the grandiose black and white palazzo tower. Also, you will visit Aci Trezza, Via Etnea and Villa Bellini.

For sure, this is one of the best memories you will have of your Sicily tours from Messina.

Best Sicily tours from Messina - Catania

Panoramic Taormina Tour

Another one of the best Sicily tours from Messina is the Taormina one! If you arrive with a Cruise to Messina, our transfer will be waiting for you. So, you can let our drivers know the pick-up time and place. Then, you will start your Taormina Tour. It will be an intense half-day tour at the discovery of the beautiful Taormina.

Also, if you have more time, you can also take two or three days tour. Just, let us know your needs, and we will design a special excursion for you!

Cefalù, Tindari and Santo Stefano

When you come to Sicily you should take a couple of days, at least, to visit the beautiful beaches! Among the best beaches of Sicily, there is Cefalù for sure. So, why don’t take a Tour of Cefalù, Tindari and Santo Stefano?

In one day, you will visit this paradise on Earth. Then, we suggest you considering 2-3 more days to enjoy the beach. And relax at the seaside, sunbathing and have some nice Sicilian meals. Yes, because holidays are also for relax. Then, if you want to visit also Palermo, we suggest you follow the Northern Coast. You will easily reach the capital, and from there you can take your flight back home.

Or, you can even reach the beautiful coastal city of Trapani. From there, we also suggest a visit to the island of Favignana. There, you will see the real Mediterranean Sea. It’s breathtaking. Finally, you will be overwhelmed by the charm of the Sicilians and their hospitality.

Best Sicily tours from Messina - Cefalu

How to book your Best Sicily tours from Messina

Now that you know everything about the best Sicily tours from Messina, let’s see how to book them!

You can choose between Shore Excursions, One-day Tours, or Full tours. All our excursions include transfers. And if you would like, the local guides. We suggest you a shore excursion. This is the best choice if you arrive on a Cruise. Or, if you have just a few hours to visit the city. Otherwise, a full tour is the best way to discover Sicily. Indeed, you will have more time to enjoy and relax.

Actually, it’s really easy. You can contact us, and tell us your needs. Just let us know which one is your favorite, and we will organize it for you! Or, if you are staying only one day, or a few days, we can also organize a private tour.

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