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Despite being a small town, Cefalu restaurants are several. Indeed, it’s hard to choose the best Cefalu restaurant.

Above all, Cefalu has some breathtaking locations. Indeed, it’s part of the natural reserve Parco Delle Madonie. But, the city has a long history and it is one of the most popular touristic destinations. That’s why it hosts a charming community of restaurants.

Certainly, of the highlights of visiting Italy is eating out. And, Sicilian cuisine is one of the most varied and traditional of any Italian region. So, it’s the time for a tour of the best Cefalu restaurant, from seafood to typical trattorie. Not to forget, the best Ice Cream shops and Pizzerie.

Best cefalu restaurant - cefalu restaurants

Top 5 – Best Restaurant for seafood

Since Sicily is an island, it’s easy to realize that seafood is part of the tradition. Also, the town has a huge seaside. Mixing the geographical factor and the tradition, you can imagine that the seafood restaurants are a must visit. According to customers, the 5 best Cefalu restaurants are:

  • Villa Dei Melograni. Located on the slopes of the fortress, Villa dei Melograni is at walking distance from the historic centre. Above all, tourists loved the location, the service, and the menu a la Carte. You will find this enchanting place at Via del Giubileo Magno.
  • Triscele. A beautiful location, right in the city centre. During the summer, you can enjoy your meals outdoors, while admiring the beauty of the town centre. Mainly, customers appreciated the warm welcome and service. Also, high quality of food and good value. This Cefalu restaurant is at Via Umberto.
  • Ristorante al Capone. The name in a strong reference to the Sicilian culture. Indeed, as you may know, Al Capone was one of the most famous Italo-American gangsters. Mainly loved for its typical products, the place was described as romantic and perfect for a private dinner. Al Capone is at Via Dei Mulini.
  • Cortile Pepe. Overall, the reviews are about Delicious Sicilian food, good wine selection and super service. Indeed, the owners wanted to mix innovation and tradition, using local flavours and international contaminations. Finally, customers also loved the location, right in the historic centre of Cefalu, just a few steps from the Duomo.
  • Qualia. Last, in this top 5 best Cefalu restaurant, we have Qualia. Located one of the most beautiful and central streets, it offers a relaxed environment for dinners. Also, customers appreciated the simplicity in the foods, combined with the search for innovation. The address is Via G. Amendola.

Best cefalu restaurant - cefalu restaurants

Seaview restaurant

Being a coastal city, the number of Cefalu restaurants with a sea view is huge. But, let’s see how customers rated this category. Mainly, they appreciated 2 of the best Cefalu restaurant:

First, as a great place to stop for the sunset, customers recommend the Enoteca Rossorubino. Despite being a wine shop, it also prepares good appetizers and food.

Then, there’s the Tivitti. Located on the Lungomare (seafront) it’s perfect for a quick lunch, to take a break from the sunbath.

Best cefalu restaurant - cefalu restaurants

Best Cefalu Restaurant – Typical

Apart from fish and seafood, Sicily has several meat-based traditional foods. Generally, receipts can vary from seafood to meat, depending on the available ingredients and the season. So, apart from seafood restaurants, it’s easy to find Cefalu restaurants that offer typical cuisine.

Now, let’s see customers’ opinion for the best Cefalu restaurant for typical food.

  • First, we find the Mas Que Nada. Despite the name, the restaurant has a Sicilian taste and a warm, welcoming staff. They serve local products, according to the season.
  • Then, Villa Dei Melograni scored a 4.5 out of 5. Above all, customers appreciated the service and the food degustation.
  • Third, the Ristorante La Brace has a wide choice of dishes on the menu. But, customers suggest booking, since it can be crowded.
  • Finally, The Cortile Pepe collected several 5 stars reviews. Generally, for the service, location, and good quality of the wines.

Pizzerie Cefalu

Nowadays, pizza is one of the most famous Italian dishes. Also in Sicily, it’s part of the tradition.

The town offers several pizzerie, offering the Italian pizza. And, some pizzerie have also special ingredients.

Among the most rated, we find Pizzica, in Corso Ruggero. Mainly, comments are about a soft crust and a crunchy bottom of the pizza. Then, Antica Focacceria Sapori Siciliani offers the Sicilian Focaccia. But, it’s a shop more than a restaurant. So, here you can sit and have a long Italian dinner. Mainly, we suggest it for a tasty and fast meal.
Finally, the Pizzeria White Horse scored 4.5/5. Despite offering only Sicilian pizza, all the customers are always happy and satisfied.

Best cefalu restaurant - cefalu restaurants

Ice cream shops

Among all the typical Sicilian desserts, can we forget the Italian Ice cream? Well, of course not! Yes, maybe those are not properly part of the category best Cefalu restaurant, but are still part of the Sicilian food tradition.

But, in Cefalu’s Ice Cream Shops, you will also find Cannoli, Cassata siciliana, and almond pastries. And there’s more,  like sorbets, cakes, pies, and the famous Sicilian Granita!

For sure, L’Angolo Delle Dolcezze Pasticceria Gelateria is one of the most famous in town. Usually, you will find all the best dessert from the Sicilian Tradition. From the Cassata Siciliana to the Granita, they prepare the same receipt from years.

Then, Duomo Gelatieri dal 1952 is situated in one of the main Cefalu squares. Indeed, it’s in front of the Duomo. For this reason, and for the good taste of the ice cream, the majority of the visitors recommended it.

Food Tours Sicily

Now that you know which is the best Cefalu restaurant for each category, you can consider taking a food tour! Indeed, if you want to try the real taste of Sicily, that’s the easiest option. Moreover, we know that Sicily is not just amazing beaches. You will be mesmerized by what this region has to offer.

In our offer, we have the best gastronomic tours. To start, you can take our Mount Etna and Wine tasting tour. You will visit two of the best things of Sicily, the Volcano and the Sicilian Vineyards. To end the tour, descending the Etna, you will visit a vineyard and taste the typical Sicilian wine. Also, you will see an amazing sunset, on the way back home.

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