The ancient theatre of Taormina

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The ancient theatre of Taormina: history

The ancient theatre of Taormina is a Greek theatre, originally built by Romans in the third century BC.

Since it reminds more a Greek theatre, rather than Roman, experts suppose that the Romans rebuilt the structure upon the foundations of an older Greek structure. You can book our Panoramic Taormina Tour if you want to visit this amazing city and the theatre. Also, this would be an amazing situation to discover Sicily History.

The ancient theatre of taormina - Excursions Sicily

The ancient theatre of Taormina: the structure

Even if it’s preserved in good conditions, the greater part of the original seats disappeared during the centuries. Anyway, you can still see the fragments of architectural here, as well as some original scene and backstage.

Among the decorations, the most beautiful is the Corinthian one. Finally, you can also appreciate the beauty of some portions of an ancient temple. During the years, the inhabitants converted the ruins of the ancient theatre of Taormina into the church of San Pancrazio.

The ancient theatre of taormina - Excursions Sicily

Why visiting the ancient theatre of Taormina

The ancient theatre of Taormina is the second largest of its kind in all of Sicily, after the Greek Theatre of Siracusa. Even if it’s really old, the theatre is well preserved and is still used today for opera and musical performances.

The ancient theatre of taormina - Excursions Sicily

How to Visit the Theatre

If you want to see the ancient theatre of Taormina we recommend you to try the Taormina Tour in one day. We suggest you this visit in early summer since the weather in Taormina will be perfect. Moreover, if you want to see all the beauties of the city you don’t have to miss our Panoramic Taormina Tour. With us, you will visit the most characteristic places of the city, including the famous Isola Bella.

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