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The question we often get asked is: What does the three legged lady mean?

The Triskelion known in Sicily as the Trinacria is the three legged lady and it symbolises Sicily. First adopted in 1282 by the Sicilian Vespers. Later to be passed in government as the official flag of the autonomous Sicilian region.


Medusa, known for her ability to turn mortal man to stone with one gaze, was also a goddess known for her better qualities, such as the ability to combat the forces of evil. The Trinacria remains rich with folklore, and its tradition is held to with fervor.

This well-known symbol is currently present on the Sicilian and the Isle of Man flags and today it remains wrapped in the mystery of mythology. The Trinacria is composed of the head of Medusa, whose hair is interwoven snakes with wheat ears, The three bent legs allegedly represent the three points of Sicily. Cape Peloro (Messina North East) Cape Passero (Siracusa South) and Cape Lilibeo (Marsala West).